What do her play partners have to say about her? Scroll down, darling… All will be revealed…


Photographed by Eric Minh Swenson

Baby girl Brandi February 5, 2017

Firstly, Madam Grace Marie is superb at her vocation. You are no doubt looking at these reviews (and probably others) to find out and compare the quality of various professional dommes and I will assure you Madam Grace Marie is excellent at what she does….but she’s also so much more.

When you see her you will be seeing a real person, whose ability to communicate efficiently allows her to take your fantasy and apply it to nearly every aspect of your experience. Her intelligence is evident instantly to help put you at ease and let you know the word professional does not just refer to compensation but also the commitment she has to the artistry of BDSM. You can and will feel safe with her. Grace Marie will test your limits and let you feel vulnerable and empowered at once.

But, most of all she’s FUN.

When you are interested in feminization your partner can make or break the experience. You need someone who knows how to take your masculinity and slip it off you seamlessly. Madam Grace Marie will do just that for you. She helps break down society-manufactured barriers between you and your feminine-self that have been shielded and repressed for too long. She treats you like the girlfriend you always wanted to be. This is not just in attitude but also in practice.

I had the privilege of having full-makeup, hair, and wardrobe done by Madam Grace Marie and it was truly a ritual. You can feel your vulnerabilities becoming empowering traits as she helps the girl inside come out in her full beauty. When she dresses you, your heart will melt inside. Putting on a latex dress in front of her was pure bliss, there is no way to accurately describe the feeling the first time you put latex on, while Grace Marie was zipping me up I was staring at a side of myself in the full length mirror that I always knew was there but never had been embodied justly until that moment. Being on my knees in front of her, feeling pretty and femme, made me feel more submissive than I had in a long time.

While she was sliding a lifelike strapon cock in and out of my mouth I knew not only did I come to the right woman and felt beyond justified in entrusting her with this experience. Outside of the typical bdsm/kink play, she excelled at letting me “be one of the girls”, I’ll never forget cuddling with her on the couch overlooking LA while flipping through a stylish magazine browsing chic styles. She’s a patient and willing teacher and is delicate and aggressive when she needs to be, to make you feel comfortable being the person you longed to be.

I can promise you that if you write or talk to her and tell her your desires honestly she can make a special experience for you. And it will be that, an experience, a moment you can look back on and be thrilled that you actually did.

Little Monster (online only) 8 skype sessions deep November 3, 2016

Have you ever seen Videodrome? You know the scene where James Woods is watching Debbie Harry get all frisky on the television and then the television is alive and Woods is pulling a gun out of his chest and it’s like wtf even is reality and what is technology and OH MY GOD DEBBIE HARRY IS FINE AS HELL! I didn’t have a moment like that with Grace, I HAD THAT EXACT FUCKING MOMENT WITH GRACE. That’s the only way I can explain it, I was fucking hallucinating looking into her eyes doubting the nature of the fabric that constitutes space and time. That’s some insane shit right there. I don’t know how she did it. I really don’t. She might be a witch.


Lars July 12, 2016

Madam Grace Marie, Goddess as I call her, is intuitive in the extreme. She took a simple list of interests from yours truly, which included a caveat that I wanted to stretch my boundaries, and was able to craft a session that seemed to check every one of my boxes, yet was still wholly of her design, with her ideas of new kinky experiences for me to explore.

Goddess was my first experience with a pro-domme, and I have to pause to compliment her on her utter professionalism. Even as she would enjoy the scene, relish watching me squirm, she remained completely in control. At one unforgettable moment, I found myself on top of her, but staring into her eyes I knew that she had complete command of my body, and not a muscle would move without her whim. As if she could read my thoughts she looked up at me and bemusedly observed that she was still topping me, despite the positioning of our bodies. Just as importantly, however, she recognized that when pushing my boundaries I might need to be reminded of the safe word. She was well aware that in my compromised state, wearing her harness and drinking in her scent, I would say yes to just about anything. Goddess knows how to play safely and responsibly, and for a newbie like myself that meant the world to me.

As others have said, this woman cares a whole hell of a lot, and it shows in everything she does. She made a career out of helping those in need, and that compassion is palpable – it feels all the more comfortable to give my mind and body over to her. For that matter, I could go on at length about Goddess’ looks, but there are pictures – yes she is that gorgeous.  So if I can, I just want to try to describe what it’s like to meet her, how it feels to be in her presence, for it is an experience for which prose fails.

To encounter Grace Marie, is to come face to face with someone elemental – like the last priestess of some archaic religion, as if the rites she performs are familiar, ancient. She takes you in her grip, physical and intimate, as if to say “the world has shaped you into something you are not, and I will break you open and rebuild you as the person that you should be.” To encounter Grace Marie is to meet a dominant woman beyond compare – with the body of a Goddess, the mind of a muse, and the soul of a healer.


Kirk May 20, 2016

I recently had the privilege of serving two of the most beautiful and talented Mistresses in Los Angeles in what was my first doubles session.

What made it even more of a treat for me is that these two fire-haired vixens also happen to be, individually, the only ladies I play with on a regular basis.

I have been a slave of Mistress Georgia Payne for 15 years, and Madam Grace Marie for the past 3. The idea of these two combining their formidable talents seemed like a dangerous proposition, so I naturally jumped at the chance!

After making the mistake of referring to Georgia as my wife, and Grace as my girlfriend, in a joking manner (over pre-session text messages) it was decided that the session would be based on just that.

I would later learn that these two had plotted and schemed, over a casual lunch earlier that week, exactly what they would be subjecting me to.

I was greeted at the dungeon door by the beautiful Madam Grace Marie in her always sultry fashion. She quickly had me stripped, bound, and laid out across the leather bondage bed.

Funny how as you watch a beautiful woman mummify your body in Saran Wrap, the end predicament simply doesn’t seem important. Madam Grace can have that effect on you. She can hypnotize you with her deliberately slow, sexy movements.

Once she had securely fastened me to the bondage bed, Madam Grace jumped right into some adventurous electrical play, but it wasn’t long before the door swung open and through it came a none-to-happy Mistress Georgia Payne. She scolded us both for the jovial, talkative style of our play and had me gagged before I could even say another word. There was no doubt about who would be controlling the rest of this session.

After telling Madam Grace that it wasn’t only me that was in trouble but, in fact, she would be dealing with her in the very near future as well, Mistress Georgia began focusing her attention on her wayward slave who found himself in a most unfortunate position that would soon be much tighter and much darker with the addition of a blindfold which would not be coming off anytime soon!

After some play from both mistresses with a crescendo for me of Mistress Georgia expertly wrapping her hands around my throat and giving me what only she can in her sadistic and beautifully talented way. It was then that Mistress Georgia whispered in my ear her true intention all along. This session wasn’t mine. It never was and she planned it that way. She used me to get what she wanted and what she wanted at that moment was Lady Grace.

As my blindfold was slowly removed, I was greeted with the vision of Mistress Georgia standing above me with her strap locked and loaded, but this time the target wasn’t me. That was the point. As she laughed and slowly walked away from me I could hear the click of her heels moving closer to Lady Grace.

Madam Grace’s breasts had been bound while I was blindfolded. I could not bring myself to look, but I heard the slaps that I would later learn is exactly the kind of play Lady Grace Marie enjoys (on the rare occasion when she does switch).

This was power exchange at it’s finest and it was headed in only one direction. Before long, Lady Grace’s true “punishment” had begun. With every thrust, push, and pull you could hear the sadist laugh and the Lady fall deeper under her spell… But then again, the way in which Mistress Georgia was responding to Lady Grace’s response made it hard to tell who was casting a spell on whom… It sounded rough, but obviously enjoyable for both.

I should point out that perhaps the cruelest and most sadistic part of this story is that, sure, Mistress Georgia wanted to take Lady Grace, but that wouldn’t have been enough for a truly sadistic mistress such as she. She knew that her slave had a weakness and it wasn’t needles or ropes or canes. It was his mind, and his own prudish morality when it comes to sex, that would torture him most. She knew that even though two women whom he worshiped and served were so near, doing what most men would find an unimaginable fantasy. She knew that he wouldn’t look! He couldn’t look! He wouldn’t let himself look!

She was right, and as I caught only glimpses of Mistress Georgia’s face in the mirror I realized that this was perhaps her finest hour. This one wouldn’t heal in a week or a month. No, this one would be with me forever…. Is it any wonder we all love this woman so damn much!?

The attention would eventually turn to me and I too was taken, but it was a group effort. As the two Mistresses played off of each other I could sense that they had in fact created an evil bond during all of that power exchange.

I was in trouble and for the next hour or so I was indeed… in the best kind of way. The banter between them was fluid and witty but always at my expense. It’s hard to get in the last word with a gag in your mouth!

The night ended with something of a celebration of what had been achieved. Two very accomplished women had formed a bond — a bond that is sure to prove deadly for those brave enough to step into their world. A world where, from where I stand, anything can happen….

Mirror Mirror

Joeley January 18, 2016

I do this because I love submitting to Bossy Bitches with tits, ass, and deviant smiles, and the gorgeous Lady Grace Marie did not disappoint.  I could sense that She loves men who are comfortable on their knees and enjoy following directions. Her eye contact, sexual confidence, and firm directions gave me assurance that I pleased Her too.  My balls were Hers to tie, pinch, and hit at will, and I couldn’t have felt better about it. Lady Grace clamped my nipples, scratched my chest, shocked and tazed my body, slapped my cock, and pushed and pulled me around.

While tied to the padded bondage wall, the many mirrors afforded me all the views my male gaze desired — this greedy, pathetic, pervert couldn’t get enough of Madam Grace — Her white, round ass peeking out beneath the hem of Her ever higher riding tight, black dress.  I kept staring at Madam Grace’s fine, fine butt, and my dick just struggled more and more against its containment.  Sure, I would suck Her dick… Whatever She wanted, I would do it, no problem. She threatened to push me on the floor and piss down my throat, and if it meant I would get a close up view of Lady Grace Marie’s pussy in my face, I would have said, “fine, bring on the mess, piss in my mouth.”  If it made Her happy, I was game.  It was that kind of session.

She let me choose the dick She would we wear, and because my ass hadn’t been pounded in a while, and I’m mostly a soft, spineless scrotum of a man, I selected a medium sized black cock.  As She pulled the strap harness on, my eyes were glued between her legs.  There it was, for just a second.  No panties, just the bare, white and pale pink pussy, that, when connected to Madam Grace’s beautiful smile and sadistic brain, gave Her all the power.

She dragged me across the room on my knees, deliciously close to Her ass, and made me beg to suck Her dick.  I pleaded and begged, and then I sucked, choked, and gagged on Her strapped penis.  Because I am a degenerate, I brought a vial of poppers to O/our session, and Madam Grace opened them under my nose.  My head swirled into a cloud, my already bent knees buckled, and my muscles loosened, ready for a fucking.

On my back — in a very subservient position — arms shackled above my head, Madam Grace’s gloved hand probed my hole, prepping me for penetration.  She asked me about my preparation ritual, making sure I wasn’t going to be a mess for Her to clean up… It was at this time that She told me about Her personal, pre-ass fucking cleansing ritual.  I was totally given over to intimacy, this gorgeous Woman smiling between my legs, my ass opening and softening for Her fingers, and, on Her cue, my mind wandered to Madam Grace getting ass-fucked Herself.  I couldn’t help but think about it.

I was fucked like a bitch and it was fucking great!  She even sized up Her cock mid-way, and I took it all, no problem.  I was on my back, legs wrapped around Her waist, twitching and squirming into Her cock — using my legs to pull Her in deeper — feeling Her legs and butt against my calves.  She stared into my eyes while She continuously stroked my cock and edged me… a steady trickle of pre-come flowing from my crazy, hard cock. She pulled my nipple clamps off, and my head exploded with pain and sensation, as my blood surged through my chest — fucking awesome!

I was in some kind of submissive, bitch delirium, but at some point She pulled out of my ass and removed her harness. Madam Grace kept stroking me, hiked up Her dress, and sat right on my face.  All I could see was Her gorgeous white ass, Her delicious scent filling my nose and mouth, smothering me.  I would gasp for air, and She would smother me more, smashing Her nether regions against my face.  Shackled to the platform, I was King of the Bitches, lucky beyond recognition, and ready to say yes to anything.

All the details were just so. Madam Grace Marie is a Dominatrix who dots Her i’s and crosses Her t’s.  Everything is aimed towards making a man like me feel comfortable, turned on, submissive, and relaxed. The question isn’t whether there will be a next time, it is when.  And each day since, I wished that day would be today.


“Sub Dave” October 5, 2015

I was in LA on business and looking for somewhere and someone to play with. I was incredibly lucky to find Madam Grace Marie. I have seen other mistresses in the few years I’ve been exploring the BDSM scene…but noone as magnificent, as sensually and sexually entrancing as this beautiful powerful curvaceous redhead with a wonderfully commanding manner and a sexy Californian drawl and eyes that look right through you. I’ve never met a goddess who was so present, so far from faking it, who did things exactly as she wanted in her own inimitable way. Ordering me to undress while she sipped a Manhattan, and watched me climb into the knickers and stockings she had laid out for me. Spanking me and paddling me over her knee and finger-fucking and wanking me and all the while holding my gaze. Keeping up a running commentary that reminded me just how totally I was under her control. It was a wonderful night as she ran me a bath after the session on the terrace outside..it was so intimate and open and outside my experience and even though I wanted to stay longer and should have done, and could have done, for some reason I didn’t. Not a mistake I’ll be making again.  I don’t know how often I’ll be able to see this gorgeous Madam Grace Marie…but I know I’ll be taking every chance I can get to be her slave.


“slave boy julia” June 11, 2015

It started out with Champagne. The tall red-headed Domme I had been intimidated to approach earlier in the night turned around and asked me, possibly told me, to get her a glass of veuve-clicquot. Later in the night when she asked me to get her another glass we started talking. At the time she had a sub under her feet, worshipping them. We talked about our interests, kinks and lives in general. I was taken with her intelligence, her passion and her humor. I just really enjoyed talking to her. Her name was Madam Grace Marie.

What struck me was the sensuality of her play. Seeing her play with the sub at her feet she seemed filled with passion. She loved what she was doing.

The conversation turned to the question of what I was into. I mentioned various things and she considered each. I mentioned that I had a new latex breath play hood that I would love to try out. I eventually brought up anal play. Something that I had only done a few times and had not done in years. I told her that nothing had been up my butt in a long time. I said that I could probably not take the sizable (to my eyes) strap-on she was wearing. She assured me she would take it slow.

As I knelt before her, anticipation growing, she said to me, “See you on the other side” as she pulled the latex hood over my head.

What followed was magical. She stood and came around behind me, her hands caressing my head in the hood. Then she bent down and wrapped her arms around my chest, touching my body everywhere. Her touch was electric. I started my journey into subspace almost as soon as her hands made contact with my skin. I was breathing heavy, almost panting, all from her touch.

She led me to the spanking horse. I could barely see out of the hood. As I laid down across the cool leather of the horse, her hands always touching some part of my body, Madam Grace asked me how old I was. At this point I was having difficulty forming answers. She guessed I was around 13. I have always thought of julia as around 14 or 15. But with Madam Grace saying it it felt right.

She explained to me that I was inexperienced. That I needed to know what that hole was for. That my hole was for fucking. She was going to show me. She promised she would go slow. She would get me ready for her cock. She started off with just a finger. She remarked how tight I was. She was going to have to stretch me. Get me ready. She put in 2 fingers. Worked them around. Spread me open more and more. Her deft fingers felt amazing. There was some pain. But it was eclipsed by the pleasure. She was able to read my body, listen to my moans, and know when to push harder, when to ease off. She knew how to push me further and further.

She asked if I was ready to take her cock. I answered honestly that I did not know. However I had no desire, possibly no ability, to say no to Madam Grace. She was taking me on a journey. I wanted to experience what was next. I really wanted her to do this to me. I wanted to take it for her.

When she pushed the tip of her strap-on in I don’t know whether I moaned or yelled. The feeling was intense. The pain was more than what I had experienced thus far. I didn’t know if I would be able to take more. Again she assured me she would go slow. She would help me through this. She told me to relax. It was the only way this would work. She had complete confidence that I was going to be able to do this. And I wanted to do it. I wanted to take more. There was intense pleasure along with the pain. I wanted to do it for her.

When I moaned. When I groaned. When I yelled. Madam Grace told me how much she loved the sounds I was making. When she asked me questions and I would answer, “Yes Mistress” she would say, “Those are my 2 favorite words!” In that moment nothing made me happier. Hearing how much she was enjoying this. How much she was enjoying doing this to me. Doing this with me. It made me so happy. I was able to take almost anything for her. It actually increased the pleasure for me.

She pushed it all the way in. “Balls deep” she said. She started pushing harder and faster. I moaned louder. Harder, faster. Louder and more desperate. Yelling even. Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, I think the precise moment when the pain went beyond the pleasure, she would stop. She’d pull out. Put 3 fingers in my ass. She remarked how much more stretched out I was. 3 fingers were no problem now she said. She massaged my prostate. Took me to new levels. Then the cock would go back in my ass. She’d pump harder and faster.

Now SHE was moaning.  She was telling me that I was her little fuck toy. And I was. I really really was. It’s all I wanted to be.

I have no idea how long this went on. She would push me further than last time. Further than I thought I could go. More than I’d think I could take. Then slow down. And it would all start again.

Finally she knew exactly when I had reached my limit. When I thought I had nothing left but tears. Welcome tears. She pulled out of me.

I was deep in subspace. I was exhausted. I was emotionally and physically spent, unable to move. Madam Grace draped herself across my back. She held me. She caressed me. She took off my hood. She whispered in my ear. She told me she would stay as long as I needed her. That she wasn’t going anywhere. She was giving me the support I needed in my incredibly vulnerable time.

Playing with Madam Grace was an intense, passionate, beautiful experience. I have only felt chemistry like that with and small handfull of people. She took me to amazing heights. She pushed my limits in wonderful, delicious ways. She was able to discern when I was up against the edge. She knew how to push me that little bit further then let me come down so the next time she could push more. And I wanted her to push me. She inspired that in me. She played my body like an instrument.

It was a wonderful, sublime experience that I will cherish. Thank you Madam Grace. Thank you.

Your New Girlfriend


“sub 77” March 17, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Madam Grace Marie for a two-hour session at her beautifully equipped space in LA. After making arrangements and having a brief, yet comfortable and focused conversation about my interests, I was highly intrigued. As an experienced BDSM participant who is a natural Dom myself but frequently needs to switch and submit, I need a skilled and confident Domme to lead me. I have found very few in my travels, literally fewer than five in about a decade.  After the engaging phone call, and good correspondence about timing, I had high hopes. The session exceeded those hopes on every dimension.

I arrived in her pleasant, well-designed space in a safe, tree-lined neighborhood. I was greeted by a beautiful red-haired Domme who presents herself in photos and on the web in a very accurate way, except there is a smoldering sensuality, a grounded confidence, and a predatory instinct that can only come across in person. She is indeed a curvaceous and sexy Goddess. She made me comfortable, and an intrinsic part of that comfort was the impeccably clean space that was well laid out perfectly for showering, etc. as well as for play. It is one of the nicest spaces I have ever seen.

We then quickly got started, with me putting on the outfit she had prepared and inspecting me thoroughly as we discussed my history and interests a bit more. We talked hard limits and safe words, and got seamlessly into the session. My fetishes all resolve around control and ass play, and she wasted no time in getting my balls into a spiked parachute stretcher and a leash on it for the control portion. This made it easy for her to do whatever she sought with me and of course made me imminently responsive.

She then went to work on my ass, opening it up progressively, first with fingers and then a small strap-on which she wielded with incredible skill. She worked me over mercilessly, stretching me with her cock while she wielded the leash, and taking breaks to use her hand again to continue making sure I was ever more opened up for her pleasures. Of course at some point she upgraded to a MUCH larger strap-on, with which she pounded me even more and in varied and creative positions. The sensations were amazing, and even more so was the confidence and control with which she TAKES. Her eyes are deep and gorgeous, and her constant contact commands that you give her whatever she desires, surrendering completely to her wishes, and thanking her the more she demands.

We then progressed to an enormous “knotty” Bad Dragon dildo that she wielded expertly by hand on the floor, in which I was not sure I could even go further. But her skill, encouragement, and the mandate to grant her wishes got me there. We then went back to her excellent play table for a truly amazing session of fisting. The highlights of the day were being forced to ride her cg style until my legs shook, the knot toy, and the eventual progression to an amazing punch-fist until I could literally take no more (though next time I am sure I will be forced to go further). Finally, I was permitted to drink her nectar as it splashed my face from her queening chair, eagerly lapping up all I could catch. This earned me the right to come, thank goodness, which I did eagerly when allowed.

The session ended with great discourse about art and comfortable conversation about the lifestyle, plus her showing me a beautiful new outdoor space that she and her sister Dommes are creating on their rooftop deck. A pleasant, clean shower and a warm hug and I was left with my glorious memories. I have a great deal of context and understanding of this art that is BDSM, and this woman is truly a gem…a beautiful, sexy predator with confidence and skill galore, and at the same time an empathic and intuitive guide to whom one can completely surrender in safety and wonder. She is one in a million!



“slave joshua” March 13, 2015

If you’re here looking for somebody to act out some scripted part in your fantasies, a hand to hold a whip…if you want to show up and strip and be spanked and spit on and plugged and pissed on, and then to wash it off and get dressed and step out the door and go on with your life as though nothing more had happened, well.

Don’t you dare call Madam Grace, because, frankly, you don’t deserve Her.

But if you’re ready to submit to Her and to bring all that you are to Her without reservation or defense; if you want to see what your fantasies look like once they’re out of your head and brought to life, if you can share yourself, and most importantly, give some of yourself to Her—with the knowledge that you will be changed, that you will not leave Her as you were when you came to Her—

—If you’re really ready to learn who you are in your devotion and submission to another—

Then don’t hesitate. Call Her, but do it with the utmost care and respect, because She deserves no less.

Madam Grace, you see, cares. She cares enough to strip you down and take you apart and make you hurt and blush and writhe with the most delicious humiliations…she will spread you and stretch you and move you like a puppet. That’s how much she cares: to do all of these wonderfully terrible things to you, knowing that it will change you, in the end. She knows that the bondage will free you, the best of all possible paradoxes, and that the humiliations and pain will make you proud and strong in the act of suffering them for her.

I mean it: she will show you yourself, that secret self that you’ve kept hidden away. She might have to pin you to the floor with her strap-on or to dress you in panties and lace or to push her foot into your mouth so hard that you gag; she might bring in a lover to tease you with as you sit in Her cage, but she’ll do it. She will reveal yourself to you and you will thank her not only for the whip marks and the taste of Her piss and for the delirious exhaustion of being pushed to your limits by a shockingly beautiful woman but for that gift She gives, of giving you yourself back.

A session with Her isn’t about you, but it is. It’s not about Her either, but of course it is. It’s really about alchemy and transformation and the courage to show your slave nature to Her and to be accepted as You are, and to be made a little bit moreso too—a bit more you. i had the great honor of delivering myself to Her for 36 hours. When i arrived, i didn’t know what to say for the first of many moments; She had to ask me what was wrong, and i had to tell Her that i’d never been so close to a woman as beautiful as She. She took control from that moment on without drama or bombast or any kind of cartoony Dominatrix caricaturization; all She needed to do was to look into my eyes and give me the grace of Her smile to let me know that i’d pleased Her in some way. And that was all it took. i wanted to win those smiles and those looks as much as I’d wanted anything. And later, after i’d taken Her crop and Her spit and Her strap-on so that i was left shaking and sheened with sweat and as complete as i’d perhaps ever been, she told me that i’d been a good boy.

It was ecstasy, to hear those words. i was Her good boy and that was all i wanted to be. Over the time She and i spent next, time spent talking and laughing and on my knees and eating and beneath Her and in Her cage, She showed me the slave in me that i’d neglected for so damned long, showed me exactly where in the world i would be truly at peace: at Her feet, adored in turn for what i would do for Her.

So. If you can go to Her and lay yourself open and vulnerable, if You will give Her all that you are and will receive Her graces in turn, if you will let her enter deep past skin and bone to reach the realest part of you, then write to Her now. Go to Her, and give yourself to Her.

And while you’re there, tell Her that i will always adore Her for what She did to me and how She made me more beautiful than i could imagine being.

-slave joshua



“slut” April 7, 2014

Dearest Madam Grace Marie,

Thank You again, i am a mess..it was wonderful, Magnificent. Lived up to the excitement, scared all weekend.  Maybe i just get too pumped up for this… Thank You again, You are Fantastic. Really!!!!!! WOW!!!!

A smile appeared as i wrote Your name, not by accident.  i have been in and out of ‘hard’ most of the last 24 hours, not a coincidence.  Trouble concentrating and keeping my hands off my nipples.  Thank You so much for the privilege, allowing me to Serve yesterday.

Immediately thrown into darkness as You shut out the sunlight. Couldn’t see well, but felt Your hands probing Your afternoon toy. You brushed my nipples, i melted, you didn’t stop. You caught my nipples again. You pondered what to call Your new toy, settled on slut. my fate was sealed. my only response was ‘Yes Lady Grace’ with a whimper.

Powerless, i was led to the room where my fate would be sealed. Informed i was entirely over dressed, was ordered to strip. Naked, falling to my knees, collared, so excited to be Your toy, Thank You.

The nipple play was subtle. Appropriate clips, a little tugging and cropping left a lasting impression. Today, as my shirt rubs, i constantly fight the urge, my hands want to grab, pinch, rub, continue the assault, extend Your memory. Can’t imagine the feeling, if You wanted to play with my nipples more.

my holes were completely and thoroughly violated yesterday, Thank You. Pounding my mouth, having my tiny brain wrap around where the larger one would end up.  Sucking gagging, animal sounds meeting Your gaze, Your encouragement, Your laughter. It was divine, Thank You.

Maybe it was the milking, but the feeling just won’t go away. Trouble thinking, trouble focusing, i want to do it again. i can’t wait to be Your toy. Can not imagine what fun You will have, what pain i will endure, so that i may be Your slut again.



“ben” February 11, 2014

Grace extended to me via Madam Grace Marie:

I had my first “full” (3 hr) session with Grace Marie and I am so glad that I did. I met her at the Inaugural Eyes Wide Shut Mouth Wide Open play party where I was struck by her awesome Nordic beauty and her soft manner of commanding me. We played briefly and I trusted her instantly — not easy for me, a natural skeptic. Also, because we had met, the first full session did not have any of the awkwardness of learning trust with each other.  I emailed her some bio info and hard limits issues (I have very few) and we set up a session at the marvelous SubmissionLA boutique dungeon in West L.A.

As I told her, I am not a pain slut, but I am a slut for sure. I told her I needed intimacy in my session and that was as important as the sensation, and I prefer sensual rather than sadistic. I am not a masochist. She met me at the door and instantly started touching me gently and my body and emotions obeyed. I melted and surrendered into her instructions. She was so intuitive and attentive and knew where to hit my buttons and when. She did cause pain, which I expected, but did it in a way that it seemed to me she could actually see the endorphins moving through my body and she would gauge her next step based on that. It is rare that I have found a partner in play that is tuned in to that extent, and it was delightful. At one point I was smiling and she asked what was funny — and I told her, it was not amusement; I was smiling for joy. The feelings were so filling, freeing, and ecstatic.

She was proficient at milking me and was so obviously enjoying commanding my bodily functions.  She moved into full toilet, strap-on, sounding and more… I was ready to explode; but then, something different.  I don’t want to give details so as to not spoil any surprises, but at a time when I was hoping to move towards orgasm, a big shift. Suddenly there were a lot of words — nice words, but I thought it was going to be boring. She used some of her many toys, had me stand and perform some very non-taxing tasks, and soon I was groaning, moving into a very unexpected stimulated state. I was at the edge between agony and ecstasy and collapsed on her almost sobbing. She then led me through the remainder of what she had planned for the session.

After the session was over I asked her, did she know that the last part of the process would cause me the feelings they did? She laughed and said, “Yes, of course I did. And you thought it was going to be off-course. You should learn to trust me more.” I do, and I suggest any of her subjects do the same. What a gentle, wonderful time. I looked at myself in the mirror the next morning — I looked 10 years younger!!

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“kirk” January 19, 2014

After stepping away from the scene for the past few years, due to personal changes in my life and the retirement of my Mistress of several years, I decided that it was time to step back into the ring so to speak. The search for a new Mistress in Los Angeles, a seemingly easy task given the incredible number of ladies currently in the game can be (for us older players) not really as simple as finding a pretty girl with a whip. There are plenty of very beautiful and capable ladies around town, the bar I had set was admittedly pretty damn high, and I honestly wasn’t quite sure there was anyone out there who would meet it.

I was lucky enough to come across Madam Grace Marie’s website. I was instantly drawn to her beauty, but that wasn’t what made me contact her for our initial session. Reading her wonderfully open outlook on the scene is what drew me in. After the usual back and forth we setup our first session together. As soon as she answered the door I was taken by her calm and obvious confidence. Her beauty was equal to that of the photos on her website. This is not always the case… I’m just sayin’  😉 Anyway, after a short chat I was exactly where she wanted me.  Exactly where I wanted to be. On my knees, looking up deep into her eyes.

It was during this initial stare down when I quickly realized that I had indeed met my match, She was good, and resisting her was not gonna be easy. It’s in that initial eye contact early in that first session that you can usually tell who you’re dealing with.  What did I see in those eyes? Exactly what I wanted to. I saw someone who wasn’t faking it. I saw someone who was equal parts professional and twisted (in the best way).

After some fun verbal humiliation style banter (Hey, you can insult the size of my penis just don’t call me an “Arugula Loving Hipster!” ) the real fun started. Madam Grace Marie is incredibly gifted when it comes to taking you from getting lost in her soft touch to getting cracked back into reality with the swing of her cane. She left me with some wonderfully placed marks and bruises (which were agreed upon) and I am still enjoying a faint ache in certain spots.

I am already looking forward to my next visit with the deviously charming Madam Grace Marie. I highly recommend you look her up if the idea of serving a beautifully creative and charming mistress is what you’re looking for.



“keith” January 7, 2014

As I waited for Grace Marie to arrive, I paced my room.  A knock, and the door opened to my ideal mistress.  I instantly knew that she was the one that I have been searching for.

I could go on and on about each and every minute of the 3 hour session as being better than any experience I could ever imagine… I was enchanted by each freckle upon her face, enthralled by the depth of her control over me, and completely mesmerized by the scent of her hair, her breath, and her feet.  I was possessed with only one desire — I wanted whatever she wanted.

She pushed my limits beyond belief and took me to the verge of screaming my safe word.  I held back and that pleased my Goddess immensely.  From that point forward, I was putty in her hands or better yet, putty beneath her incredible black high-heeled sandals.

For those of you who wish to find an engaging, commanding, beautiful, and thoughtful dominatrix, Grace Marie is for you.  Thank you for enslaving me Madam Grace Marie — I want what you want!


“sub boy tom” October 6, 2013

Three days later my nipples are still tender, a pleasant reminder of how they got that way. Madam Grace is a beautiful, intoxicating, dominant woman and it was a pleasure to be Her submissive. O/our session had controlled passion and pain thresholds the likes of which i do not recall experiencing before, this coming from a submissive male that has played for over 20 years with several professional dominant women across the country, many of which were great sessions, but Madam Grace Marie’s style and command were a unique and memorable experience for me.

She took control from the moment i entered the door, within two minutes i was naked on my knees with a tight collar around my neck attached to Her leash with my legs spread – vulnerable to Her whims.  i loved giving up control so quickly and easily.

During this introduction i could not help taking in Her gorgeous body and charming face with the devilish smile and teasing laugh.  When O/our eyes locked i felt Her staring through to the soul of who i really am, which drew me to Her even more and created even more vulnerability as i could tell She accepted me and was up to the task of thoroughly emasculating me without judgment.

Choosing a safe word was another vulnerable moment, the phrase “you’re going to need it!” ringing through my head had me nervous and excited at the same time.  Being taken to the limit and breaking is not my goal in session.  My goal is to take what is commanded and delivered by way of physical and psychological discomfort and to not use my safe word.

By pushing me to the edge, Madam Grace Marie furthered Her control over me, pushing my boundaries for Her pleasure.  Being taken past that edge only to beg to try again was a revelation for me. i eventually broke a second time and, again, felt like a “pussy” (my chosen safe word) – Simply Awesome!

At one moment, during aftercare, i felt myself let go. my body went limp as total relaxation fell over me, completely letting go into Her control and care.

The session has left a lasting mark and has me longing for our next playtime together when i can escape my conservative controlled persona to serve as Her expressive little sissy bitch boy pain slut.

Madam Grace Marie is a wonderful, strikingly attractive, and intelligent woman providing a valuable kinky service for those brave enough to try the elite.  My suggestion to the brave, “Now’s the time to choose your safe word… you’re going to need it!”

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 11.28.43 PM

“paul” on October 2, 2013

When I first saw Madam Grace Marie’s pictures and profile on her web site, I was drawn to her beauty and power. I will state up front that her website, as incredibly enticing as it is, just can’t do justice to the real Grace Marie – if you’re lucky enough to experience her, you will understand.

From the second she arrived at my door, I was transfixed by her statuesque poise, elegance and power. She controlled me with her unwavering gaze through those gorgeous eyes, and I was hers to play with and do as she pleased.

We had discussed what I would enjoy in advance and she was supremely well prepared to make sure that I got what I was looking for, and all of it came with such confidence, authority and control. It’s what she inserts, in addition to the aforementioned, which really left me breathless.

You will be completely taken, as I was, by her gorgeous face, body and presence, but be assured that is only 10% of the experience with the Madam Grace Marie. The physical side of her play is absolutely masterful, brimming over with eroticism and sensuality, and with as much cruel torment as I was willing and able to cope with. What really left a lasting memory is how she controlled me completely with her aura of power and her constant eye contact – which simply simmered with a slow burn of awesome power. It is seared into my consciousness two days later as I write this.

Madam Grace Marie is class. Pure class. She is special. I advise you to be prepared for an extraordinary experience, and not to delay if you’re thinking about contacting her.



“panty slave” September 28, 2013

Madam Grace Marie, Seattle

I am a man and have learned to be one from countless male influences. In part, that is one reason for seeking an outside “check and balance” from a Dominatrix. In this region of the USA, we have perhaps a dozen primary Mistresses – quality but not quantity. The primaries are awe inspiring Mistresses, and I have sessioned with most of them in the last ten years. With but one exception, these were all enjoyable times. In the case of my first D/s relationship there existed a connection so deep it raised my consciousness to a higher place.

That connection is what I have been unable to find, though enjoyable is fun. These days, from time to time I see a new player has arrived and I put on my D/s hat and try.

Madam Grace Marie moved to town not long ago, and I was moved to call Her by the standard She evoked on Her site. Self-posed and confident, I knew I would not be submitting to a submissive woman appealing to men’s fantasies. A hooker with a whip is not what I seek. I seek playful, honest guidance.

We exchanged emails and spoke on the phone briefly. My hope was to meet – to be a little playful in a brief public meeting, and see where first impressions fell. I dabble in collecting articles of clothing worn close to dominant woman. Madam Grace Marie agreed and She chose time and public place.

Prompt, stunning beyond her website portraits, and curious; Madam Grace Marie inquired discretely about my scene experience and my interests. I am no schoolboy, but Her beauty and intelligence had me hard pressed to put words into coherent form… She smiled at my dilemma!

I expressed a goal that I hoped to attain with Her Guidance and She must have understood my ramblings. We exchanged valuable commodities and I eventually found my way to my car…

When next Madam Grace Marie favored me with Her company, a week or so later in private setting, I was astonished at the ritual/program design She had created to set me on the path of achieving my goal. Seriously, there was genuine, heart-felt effort on Her part – not only to see me to the road, but to guide me along the way as well. Her design included a Discipline and Reward system that favors both of our fundamental values, and fetish inclinations extremely well.

In the latter part of our time together, Madam Grace Marie proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that something divine does in fact Grace this reality, and as I knelt before Her the Angels sang, the heavens opened up and then… She looked at me and smiled. I died a little just then, and was very happy to do so.

I believe I have found that connection again.