Here are some frequently asked questions for you to peruse. Carefully read through all material – there will be a quiz!

Photographed by Jae Hong 

1. Do You ever play a submissive role during sessions?

I am always the designer and director of my sessions, however, I am free and curious enough to explore beyond the traditional embodiment of “Mistress”. I love hearing about, and facilitating, all kinds of fantasies.

2. What about my physical safety?

All of my implements are new and immaculate. You can relax in My care and let go completely. You will feel, and truly be, safe with Me.

3. Do You provide references?

Absolutely! Let me know if you would like for me to act as a reference. I respect our private time together, and I will never relay your information unless the request comes directly from you.

4. What about privacy and anonymity?

Discretion is my top priority. Your privacy and anonymity will be respected in session and out. If I see you out in public, I will not acknowledge you as I would not want to interfere in your personal life. I expect the same courtesy be extended to me outside of session, unless otherwise specified.

 5. Where are You located?

I have access to a number of well appointed, private, and luxurious play spaces all across Los Angeles County. I also have a very well equipped toy bag and I’m happy to travel to you. Our session will take place at the location that is most convenient for the both of us.

6. Are You available for travel?

I am available for travel and I have my passport at the ready! Please contact me with your plans and requests. Please note: All travel expenses must be donated in advance via check or wire transfer.

7. What are Your rates?

I do not have rates. My suggested donation varies and any compensation I receive is considered a gift from an adoring patron who has an interest in seeing me succeed as an artist.

8. What will take place during O/our session?

Spoiler alert! While I understand the anticipation must be driving you out of your mind, I am far too accustomed to nuance and subtlety to discuss our future play date in any amount of detail.  Feel free to tell me your past experiences, interests, and desires and I will take them into consideration.

9. Can I engage in hetero-normative sex with You?

No. I’ve spent years learning the technical and interpersonal skills necessary to be an excellent Domme, and I feel most comfortable as a practitioner of the BDSM arts. I wish I could refer you to someone, like a sex surrogate or an escort, but I’m pretty sure that would be considered ‘pandering’ by the vogons who govern our flesh and money. Best of luck to you on your search! In the immortal words of Bob Dylan “It ain’t me, babe.”

10. Do you play with AA men?

How sad that I have been asked this question more than zero times, but such is the world we live in… Of course I play with African American men! I have an expansive and inclusive appreciation of beauty and bodies. I would never discriminate based on anything other than the content of your character, so bring your A game and your AA game! XO GM