Edited ever so slightly, this template was modeled after one of the very first intelligible emails ever received by The Goddess. She was in an extra generous mood that day and felt like incorporating this fine example of decorum into her website for the good of society, or anti-society, depending on your perspective. Thanks to Sub Boy Tom for helping show the newbs how its done! XO GM

Things Are Looking Up

 Photographed by Fetigraph

Respectful Introduction:

Dear Goddess,

i hope this email finds You well, my name is______.  You are obviously a beautiful, talented and dominant woman who is to be respected, worshipped, and entertained.  i came across Your information originally via ______ website and also saw your ad in ________.

Clear Objective:

i am interested in submitting to You for a (1 hour? 90 minute?, 2 hour?) session this __day__date__time__, or later at your play space, or I can host in the ____ neighborhood.

i look forward to scheduling a session with You and my phone number is ___-___-____.

About you:

i am (age, weight, hair, eyes, etc), my day-to-day life is like… (work, relationship status, hobbies, passions), … and i find this play to be… an escape? fun? entertaining? therapeutic?

your BDSM Story (if applicable):

i have been playing in the BDSM scene for over __ years and my experience is in: live sessions? skype/phone? always as a submissive? (Include previous provider references here.)

Area(s) of Interest and/or experience:

my interest and experience include the following types of play:________. (Include a brief description of the session you think you would enjoy, and a list of plays you have previously experienced.)

 your Limitations:

The following are limitations i respectfully request: ________. (Include any health concerns, and all psychological, emotional, or physical limitations and/or triggers.)

Should You find O/our interests compatible, i look forward to hearing from You.


your sub / slave name


Email: meetgracemarie@gmail.com

Appointment phone: 562-397-3229


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