Who is The Goddess of Los Angeles?


Grace Marie is her real name and this is who she really is. She is not a caricature of a Dominatrix. She is a dominant courtesan, a trusted confidant, an intoxicating Goddess, and a highly intelligent and gifted muse. She has been practicing BDSM professionally (and personally) for 8 years and she is in love with the power, playfulness, and extreme care that comprise the very heart and soul of D/s dynamics.


Performance art is her first love and during her career she has enjoyed performing both live (in art galleries, universities, and museums) and on film. BDSM is a very special kind of performance that she feels compelled to explore more deeply every day. In both cases Grace Marie considers herself a Goddess who loves playing on the edge — where transformation thrives.


As the embodiment of a Goddess she can be cruel or merciful, loving or terrifying, indulgent or withholding — it all depends on the dynamics at play and what she believes is intrinsically best for herself and her play partners.


As a professional she prefers to find the intersecting points between herself and her patrons, and nurture the shared interests that exist in that space. Rather than simply take requests, she enjoys nurturing genuine connections. She understands that dynamics are dynamic, so there is always room for growth, transformation, and liberation.


With so much passion, curiosity, and experience, there isn’t much she can’t do. Her sessions are distinctive, deviant, and deliciously unforgettable.



(562) 397-3229



sub 77

“The session ended with great discourse about art and comfortable conversation about the lifestyle… I have a great deal of context and understanding of this art that is BDSM, and this woman is truly a gem… A beautiful, sexy predator with confidence and skill galore, and at the same time an empathic and intuitive guide to whom one can completely surrender in safety and wonder. She is one in a million!”

- sub 77

“The physical side of her play is absolutely masterful, brimming over with eroticism and sensuality, and with as much cruel torment as I was willing and able to cope with. What really left a lasting memory is how she controlled me completely with her aura of power and her constant eye contact – which simply simmered with a slow burn of awesome power. It is seared into my consciousness two days later as I write this.”

- paul
sub boy tom

“Grace is a beautiful, intoxicating, dominant woman and it was a pleasure to be Her submissive. O/our session had controlled passion and pain thresholds the likes of which i do not recall experiencing before, this coming from a submissive male that has played for over 20 years with several professional dominant women across the country… Grace Marie’s style and command were a unique and memorable experience for me.”

- sub boy tom